Safety Brief

Below is a copy of the safety brief which we use here at Lakeland Karting

Welcome everyone to Lakeland Karting.  Karting is a motorsport and can be dangerous, to ensure your safety you must listen to our short safety briefing so everyone can be safe and have an enjoyable time.  If everyone could pay attention briefly I will outline some safety precautions, if you do not understand please ask.

  1.     Everyone has received a suit, gloves and a helmet.  Make sure to use them, look after them and return to hatch after race has finished
  2.     After this briefing I will bring you out to the track and show you the pit lane where everyone will get in and out of their kart.  Only those drivers getting in and out of karts should be on the pit lane.  During racing everyone else please remain behind the fence line or inside the centre.  You will be notified when to go to the pits for your race each time.
  3.     Drivers must remain in their karts at all times. If you need help raise both arms into the air and a marshall will come to assist you. Arms and legs must remain in the kart at all times.
  4.     Karting is strictly a NON-CONTACT sport. Any person driving into other karters or into the barriers intentionally will be disqualified from the race.
  5.      Scarves, jewellery and loose clothing cannot be worn on the track.  Before racing make sure to take off or tuck in anything loose, which can catch in the go-kart and cause an accident.  This could be very dangerous so please be careful.
  6.     Anyone with long hair should tie in back securely so its not sticking out of the helmet, again this can catch on go-kart and potentially be dangerous
  7.     Everyone should wear appropriate footwear while racing, no open-toed shoes will be permitted, nor will high heels
  8.     Absolutely no-one under the influence will be allowed to race, as our policy is no drinking and racing!

The only way we can communicate with you whilst you are out on the track is through flags so please listen carefully to what each flag means:

CHEQUERED FLAG – Indicates the start and the end of the race, after you have completed all your laps you will be shown the chequered flag, after which you should do one cool down lap at half speed and return to the pit lane slowly without skidding

BLUE FLAG – Indicates that you are obstructing a faster go-kart which is approaching behind, please allow that go-kart behind to overtake.  Be careful and cautious so as not to cause an accident

RED FLAG – Indicates that the race has stopped.  There may be an emergency on the track so you must stop immediately on the side of the track and remain there to await further instruction from nearby marshalls.   Please do not brake violently hard when you see the red flag as this can cause you to spin off or other drivers may drive in to the back of you

BLACK FLAG – Indicates that you have fouled on the track and have been disqualified from the race, you should immediately make your way to the pit lane.  We have a shut down system and will use it if necessary. We may also slow your kart if you are driving dangerously or if you slide the kart too much as this can cause accidents especially if you spin.

Thank you for listening, enjoy your racing!